Sayer’s Common

Jun 21st

No need to be there at the crack of dawn when selling at Sayer’s Common, I remembered from last year when I’d been first in the queue. But I was up anyway before six (force of habit) so for once I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before setting off. I somehow managed to miss the satnav lady’s instructions to join the A27 towards Brighton but that was probably just as well because the London – Brighton bike race was taking place today (21st June). The ever-patient satnav lady recalculated and sent me to the A24, right onto the A272 and then later right onto the A23. I remembered that last year I’d had some difficulty finding Mill Lane and indeed the satnav lady wanted to send me right but fortunately there was a sign to the car boot indicating to go left.

I followed the well-worn track up to where there were two marshals and from there joined the second line of the sellers’ queue and waited.  Eventually another couple of marshals collected stall money (£10 for a car) and gave out a receipt and a number. All very organised. Another wait and at about 8.30 the queue began to move onto the field where we were directed into lines by yet another marshal.

There doesn’t seem to be any restriction on space, so by leaving plenty of space between my car and the van in front, I was able to set up all three tables and put down a groundsheet at each end.

Sayers Common


There was a constant stream of customers all morning until around 12.30/1pm when the field began to empty.





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