Welcome to Sewn at Home and thank you for stopping by!

I’ve loved crafting for as long as I can remember and markets for nearly as long. When I decided to go the self-employment route, it made sense to combine the two, so for the past 9 years I’ve been selling sewing and craft supplies at car boot sales, with the occasion foray into online sales.

I started this blog in 2011 and, goodness, haven’t things changed since then! I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while but life (and car boots) always seemed to intervene. And then Lockdown happened. No more excuses! So here it is… my updated blog.

In my Shop, you can purchase sewing and craft items at car boot prices. Payment is by Paypal. It’s just £4.95 P&P however large your order and wherever you are in Mainland UK (as long as your area is covered by Hermes. As someone who cares for the environment, I use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible. Or you can check me out on eBay where my handle is crafting-joblots. This is where I also sell one-off items and job lots especially when I have a clear out of my stockroom and crafting den which is usually once a year.

I hope to be posting more regularly from now on, so do revisit my site often!