Roundstone car boot

May 24th

It’s a short car boot season at the Roundstone. It started last Sunday (third Sunday in May) and will finish at the end of September. The Roundstone car boot is a favourite with many sellers: there is no queuing to get in; you can choose where to pitch (just keep to the corded lines; you can spread out; and it’s well attended.

The only downside is that you need to leave early (say 11.30) or late (1.30/2) unless you are prepared to be in a slow moving queue for the exit onto the busy A259 for maybe an hour.

Last Sunday I got there at about 6.30 and already the sellers’ field was half full and the buyers’ car park absolutely teaming. Today it wasn’t as busy early on but nevertheless we had a successful day. The GOM (Grumpy Old Man), who has discovered a latent talent for salesmanship, minded the stall for much of the time so I was able to “go for a wander”.

The Roundstone attracts both “proper” car-booters who are clutter-clearing and cut-price traders. I find it a good source for BNIP (brand new in pack) Christmas presents. It’s also a good place to buy baby items and clothes.

How to get to Roundstone car boot:

Roundstone car boot is on the A259 between Littlehampton and Worthing (and approached from that direction).


It’s not hard standing, so wear boots or sturdy shoes first thing in case of morning dew.

Take tissue/loo paper with you for later on when supplies have run out!

Sellers : leave early or leave late.

Buyers: make a day of it by going round the next door pick-your-own and/or visiting the nearby seafront.



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