Poynings car boot

Oct 18th

Poynings 3

Today was the last car boot at Poynings for 2015. First and last car boot sales of the season tend to be the best attended so – together with the fact that the A27 was closed around Ford/Arundel for the weekend – we decided to head there.

I got lost, as did the GOM (Grumpy Old Man), who came later. The postcode covers a wide area and so is not specific enough for Ms Satnav who gave me a range of options, none of which meant anything, so I plumped for the first one (not always a wise move). Knowing at this is not an uncommon occurrence in rural areas, I always take a copy of the address and directions from the web page. In this instance, however, the directions “opposite the Ginger Fox pub” was confusing, or at least it confused both me and the GOM. I saw a road sign to the Ginger Fox pub and went merrily down that road, not even seeing the Ginger Fox pub on the corner. In future, I shall remember that when/if I see the Ginger Fox pub, I shall know that I am nearly there, but to keep on the A281, ignoring any other roads. (If you’re travelling north to south, you wouldn’t even see the Ginger Fox pub!) Another point if travelling south to north as we were, is to ignore the sign to Poynings – again, just keep on the A281.

Once I got there, I found the car boot to be well organised with plenty of marshals directing traffic. Sellers are kept in a sort of “holding area” (so don’t worry at this point about ensuring sufficient space between vehicles). A couple of marshals come round collecting the stall money (£10 for a car) and you get a receipt/instructions plus a raffle ticket showing the number you are in the queue. Then the lines of cars follow each other in to the field. The early birds get a pitch nearest to the buyers’ entrance. Talking of early birds, parking for buyers is £3 before 8.45 – and even afterwards is £1.50 which seems a bit steep to me as it’s not as big or as well serviced as Apps Court Farm.

As usual, the GOM manned the stall while I “went for a wander” ie buying. There were a few traders but a preponderance of people decluttering – I’d guess at a 30%/70% or 40%/60% mix. I bought a few craft bits, a cardboard display stand for cards and a few new items which will be ideal for Christmas presents.

After a slow start, we did reasonably okay, though not as well as Apps Court or Pease Pottage. But this lifestyle is not all about the money. Poynings is a beautiful setting and there is some stunning scenery on the way.

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