Denham car boot UB9 5PG

Aug 29th

I’m not usually this late to arrive as a seller at a car boot sale.

Long story. Basically, I was doing an eBay collection in Wood Green. Nearest car boot that fits my specification was Holloway. Arrived exactly on time at 8am. At entrance opposite Odeon cinema, saw queue of people with tables and suitcases. No cars. Presumably should drive in? ¬†People with vans setting up, clearly regular market traders. “Who let you in?” “Euh, sorry, first time here, don’t know the ropes.” “Well, you need to join the queue. Out of here, turn left then left again.” Went out of there, turned left and left again. Big sign: “Giant Car Boot here today” or words to that effect. Road blocked off. One person with table and suitcase. No cars. Went around and around but no other entrance. Well blow this for a game of soldiers.

Hence late arrival at Denham car boot.

Was greeted rather more friendlily (is that word?”), ¬£14 entrance fee which seems a bit steep but hey ho.

It turned out that I was in the overflow for late sellers. Not sure if this was a blessing or a curse. My first customer was of the latter opinion. “Shame you’re not in the main parking lot.” But then again, those in the main parking lot seemed to have a fairly restricted space whereas I had been able to spread out my 3 x pasting tables plus chairs and groundsheets. Whether or not most buyers passed by the overflow, I’m not sure.

But taking-wise I had a reasonable day and if I was in the same area again, I’d certainly give it another go.



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