Bordon car boot sale (Country Market)

Jul 22nd

My second time at Bordon car boot sale and this time I knew the ropes.

The first time we went, I had to stop on the A325 and ask the way. The postcode and address on the website wasn’t precise enough for the satnav and I’d got worried when we passed through Bordon that we’d missed a turning. But no, carry on over the traffic lights, there’s a petrol garage on your right (BP at the time of writing) and on your left is a sign for Country Market.

That first time, I made the mistake of following the large sign saying “Car Boot Sellers” instead of following the line of cars which – I later discovered – was marshalled into rows. The track that I’d taken joined up with these rows of cars, which were now moving off to the left. Eventually I was allowed in, but it was made uncomfortably clear that I was considered to be pushing in. (Apologies to all and sundry.) Today, of course, I followed the cars – and watched others making the same rookie mistake that I’d made previously, and today being forced to turn around and join the end of the queue.

So, into the field. The cars tend to huddle together, but (as at Sayer’s Common) the trick is to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front so that when you stop you get as much space as you need.

The first time I went to Bordon, Son No 2 accompanied me and manned the stall while I had a “wander”. I came across quite a few stalls similar to mine ie selling haberdashery/fabrics/craft items. And I heard a buyer say the same today. So maybe if you’re a “crafty” car-booter, this is the place to go.

And for sellers too. Bordon is a busy, popular car boot and an example of success breeding success as word gets around the car booters’ circuit.

How to get to Bordon car boot: The postcode is GU35 0QP – but this covers a large area! From the south, travelling north: come off the A3 at the junction for the A325. (Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s just off the A3 – it’s further than you think!) Travel through Bordon, over the traffic lights, look out for the petrol garage (BP at the time of writing) on the right and opposite that and on the same side of the road as you, you’ll see a sign for Country Markets. Turn left here. This is the location for what is generally known as Bordon Car Boot.






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