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Jan 22nd


I’m Christine aka The Ribbon Lady. I combine my passions of car booting and crafting by selling craft supplies at various car boots (and yes, the taxman does know!) We live near Littlehampton so my car-boot haunts are Ford, The Roundstone, Hayling Island, Brighton Marina and Brighton Racecourse with occasional excursions to Sayers Common, Poynings, Bordon, and Wimbledon.

The world of markets, flea markets, auctions, buying and selling are clear childhood memories: the rapid-fire monotone of an auctioneer at a cattle market; the hustle and bustle of Kingston’s Monday; church bring-and-buy coffee mornings; helping my mother run a stall at the scout jumble sale. Later, at university I had my first stall, selling second-hand jeans and cords to my fellow students; I would miss lectures to attend the Friday auctions in Wymondham; during a gap year spent in France, I would go to the local marché aux puces . Later still, I had a stall at an antique market in Wimbledon. The pinnacle of this career strand must surely be the three months or so I spent temping at Sotheby’s.

My other hobby is writing. So far, I’ve had two successes both with Writing Magazine/Writers’ News. One was second prize for a “last line” competition (the last line being “I never had the chance to thank her properly”) and the other was first prize for a story which had to be about a window cleaner called Len who was 27.

I have three (adult) children, Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3 aka Chalk, Cheese and Chocolate. My partner is the Grumpy Old Man, or GOM for short. (Aka My Rock.)

I hope you enjoy reading my Blog. Pop back soon!


PS: If you’re a customer or you have enjoyed reading my posts, please feel free to leave a comment. It makes a lovely change to receive comments from “real readers” instead of spam!

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